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Step One - Select Advertisement Type

Advertisers: Please note that we must receive payment no later than the copy date. Select the advertisement size and number of issues and then use the link below to send us your copy. Prices quoted here are only for copy submitted through this page and paid by credit or debit card at the time of submission. Copy submitted but not paid will be invoiced in accordance with our rate card

All prices are for colour artwork in the body of the magazine. Advertisements on the cover are charged at premium rates and should be booked in advance.

Advert SizeRepeat for
Eighth A5 Page Quarter A5 Page 1 issue
Half A5 Page Full A5 Page 2 issue
    3 issue
   4 issue
   5 issue
   6 issue

Now send us your copy - your reference is Please make a note of this number and quote it in any enquiries
Transactions will appear on your card statement as "Nochex" which is the name of our card processor.
Proceed to step 2 - send us your copy

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