Folk London - Guide to Folk on the Net

Martin Nail's English folk and traditional music on the Internet is probably the best folk music site on the net. Use this to find almost anything relating to English music or song from folk clubs to tunes. This is a nice fast loading site.

For social dance and English ceilidh information go straight to Martin Kiff's Webfeet pages . The site we originally recommended for morris dance seems to have vanished from the web but the three morris organisations have set up their own joint site . For Irish set dances try William Lynch's Set Dancing News.

The EFDSSis the national organisation for folk music, song and dance in the England. They also maintain the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library which contains records of the major collections and provides extensive on-line indexes. Of course music, dance and song are not the sum total of the traditional arts so don't forget The Society for Storytelling and the Folklore Society.

Rod Stradling's electronic magazine Musical Traditions is packed with material on English and Irish traditional music.

The major national print magazine for folk / roots / world music is fRoots which is also available to subscribers in digital format. Their on-line discussion forum, available to non subscribers, is excellent and well moderated.

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