Folk London - Items for Review

One copy of any CD for review should be sent to James Eagle, 1 Trafalgar Road, Gravesend, DA11 0QA. There is no need to send additional copies to other members of the editorial team. Please note that material for review will be handed to a member of our reviewing team who we will nominate.

Books are very heavy and expensive to post. To save your money and ours please contact the editor if you have a book that you think is suitable for review in Folk London. If we are able to identify a suitable reviewer we will ask you to post it direct to them. Books sent direct to the editor without prior arrangement will not be reviewed.

Reviewers will assume that what we are sent is what is going on sale to the public so we do advise sending items in their final retail packaging.

We reserve the right to use copies of cover artwork to illustrate the review. Permission to use this copyright material is implicit when you send it to us.

We cannot guarantee that items will be reviewed for a particular issue or at all. Unreviewed items will not be returned.

Notes for Reviewers

Copy should be submitted electronically. We will format your file to fit our house style but to minimise the amout of editing required please note the following:
  • Please submit your review as a separate file (text, rtf, Open Office or Word) rather than pasting it into the body of an email.
  • Only hit the new line key to create a new paragraph. The length of lines in the magazine is unlikely to be the same as in your copy.
  • Contact details for purchase at the bottom of the review
  • Please avoid the use of quotation marks and put references to track titles in italics
  • Please put your name at the bottom of each review. It will be published left aligned and in italics
After writing the review the book or record will be yours to keep or give away. It cannot be sold without the permission of the copyright owner. The copyright of your review will be owned by Folk London, you may submit it to other magazines or publish it on-line provided you notify us and that the copy credits Folk London as the source.

Inclusion of reviews is subject to the availability of space. We cannot guarantee that we will publish your review.

Unsolicited Reviews

We are happy to consider unsolicited reviews from independent reviewers but cannot guarantee inclusion. Please inform us of any other publications to which the review has been sent. By submitting material to us you are warrenting that you own the copyright and that you will indemnify us against any third party claims.

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